Anadur (nandrolone hexyloxyphenylpropionate)

Anadur is steroid very closely associated with Deca Durabolin. The bottom mixture in both drugs is usually 19-nor-testosterone, or more typically referred to as nandrolone. The base substance is very much like testosterone except the particular absence of a carbon dioxide atom within the 19th role. The importance of a 19-nor-testosterone compound is that the conversion in order to estrogen is exceedingly reduced, while the bond potency using the anabolic receptor (AR) is better. The difference between the pill and in addition that of Deca Durabolin is actually Anadur provides the Hexyloxyphenylpropionate ester. This particular ester is exceedingly sizeable, creating this steroid really slow acting, if not the particular slowest acting of all of the nandrolone compounds. The actual downside to this sizeable ester is that on a mass in order to mass foundation, there is less actual nandrolone body hormone than in comparison to Deca Durabolin.

Anadur would be used in the same fashion of Deca Durabolin as well as mostly for those looking for gradual increases having lower unwanted side effects. Anadur is not an usually found steroid but nevertheless exists in some parts of the planet, as listed later on. Nandrolone more often than not is more anabolic than testosterone and it has an extremely reduced androgenic appearance. It happens to be reported to have an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 37: a hundred and twenty-five. Usually, men probably would take a dosage range of 200-600mg/wk with higher dosages sometimes present in more complex customers. This particular substance normally may not be recommended for ladies as a result of virilization properties this compound might cause such as increased body hair, deepened tone of voice, zits, as well as clitoral hypertrophy. However , several female bodybuilders have used it from ultra lower dosages associated with 25-50mg/wk with high-quality success.

By Anadurs chemical substance structure, this particular steroid could be affected by the particular 5-alpha-reductace enzyme generating dihydronandrolone (DHN). DHN can be a substance similar to that of DHT, having said that unlike DHT, DHN is usually a much weaker drug and has a far lower appreciation for holding towards the AR. Furthermore, the pace where nandrolone is usually converted to DHN is going to be reduced than androgenic hormone or testosterone. Considering that DHN is a weaker mixture, those with concerns for that prostate and even hair loss could take on Anadur with little unwanted side effects. Nearly all users report no hair loss while using the nandrolone products.

Deca Durabolin is the brand name for the Organon produced product, first made popular by sports athletes in the early 80’s. Deca-Durabolin has been the drug of choice for bodybuilders as well as strength sportsmen due to the fact of its ability to quickly add quality muscle tissue, decrease body fat and relieve joint pain.

Additionally, all over again based on structure, Anadur can be converted to estrogenic substances with the aromatase enzyme. Although some estrogen is produced, both amount and also the rate associated with Anadur are much lower than testosterone, approximately less than 20% compared to those of testosterone. Although estrogen is definitely reduced, the use of anti-estrogen compounds is highly recommended.

As the amounts of estrogen as well as DHN generates end up being lower, there is third system in which Anadur can transform. Nandrolone has been shown to have agonistic effects and high appreciation binding with all the progesterone receptor and even work as the progestin throughout the entire body. Ideally, you might want an anti-progesterone compound; however you can find no widely obtainable wares right this moment.

Given that Anadur includes a high appreciation for the androgen receptor while having a lesser androgenic manifestation, it will always be not recommended that must be taken without testo-sterone. With out a higher androgenic manifestation and even possessing a tough bond to the AR, unwanted side effects of low testosterone end up being probable such as the notorious “Deca-Dick” (impotence), lethargy, and low sex drive. What is more, because of the 3 conversion products listed above, this compound is normally some what suppressive to your body and may help make it difficult to reboot all-natural testosterone production during article cycle treatment. Just about all users report loss of sex drive and even retention associated with growth after a nandrolone no more than cycle, as the addition associated with testosterone combats these problems for most. By adding testo-sterone, the balance associated with androgenic expression is elevated inside the body because of way more opponents and more binding using the AR. Keep in mind, nandrolone binds extremely heavily to the AR as well as shows small androgenic appearance so an androgenic substance is required to counteract this particular.

Customers associated with nandrolone report a soothing sensation for his or her important joints. This is most likely attributed to the particular mild water retention caused by nandrolone. That’s the reason, Anadur probably would most likely not be found within high concentrations of the cycle for all those looking to lose fat, and much more towards those seeking to gain bulk. Furthermore, because of the multiple aromatizing products. Growth often can come steadily and therefore are level of quality gains that held on to easily having proper post cycle therapy.
Anadur Stack
Anadur is usually an excellent steroid to be stacked together with some some other anabolic steroids, so that as mentioned above testosterone is extremely suggested. Some other substances of instance commonly stacked having Anadur or even many other nandrolone substances are Equipoise, Dianabol, Winstrol, as well as Anavar.
Anadur Cycle
Whenever ending the cycle incorporating Anadur, many of the Considering that nandrolone is really suppressive, this gives your entire body time for you to clear the AR joining with nandrolone and even get ready for androgenic hormone or testosterone. The actual people report that this helps recovery quite definitely in that way. With regard to post cycle treatment, just about all stick to the typical program associated with Clomid and Nolvadex. Others like to include HCG just before ending the routine.

Since Anadur is really a nandrolone, it is to become expected that many of the metabolites created will remain inside the body for approximately 18 months, producing Anadur and everything nandrolone compounds a very poor choice for sports athletes that are drug tested.

Given the large greasy ester upon Anadur, the active life is documented to continue to be around four weeks long. This furthermore permits few injections as little as 1 injection each week regarding Anadur, even though due to the relatively lower concentrations possibly high amounts or even more frequent shots are needed. It really is possible to inject weekly, but the volume necessary will be 6-8ml which would not have to get advised having 1 injection.