Generic Name: Methenolone
Also Known as: Primo, Bolli, Bolan
Manufacturer: Schering
Androgenic / Anabolic Ratio: 88/44-57

Methenolone’s chemical formula is C20H30O2

Primobolan is usually a Dihydroboldenone derivative and also as such can’t aromatize in to estrogen.

Primobolan is both by mouth active as well as able to be injected intramuscularly.

Methenolone is based in Dihydroboldenone (DHB) and even has a 2: 1 anabolic: androgenic ratio, meaning it’s twice as effective at building muscle tissue as that it is at making a man out of a person.

Primobolan is one of the few steroids that comes both in an oral and injectable version. Primobolan is absolutely not just the only steroid that can be both eaten and also injected, the ever well-known winstrol is furthermore able to be taken both by mouth and being an intra-muscular injection.

Inside it’s oral version Primobolan is Methenolone Acetate. Oral Primobolan is among the few oral steroids which doesn’t possess issues by using liver toxicity. this really is due to the fact that oral Primobolan is not really 17-alkylated. It’s truely the actual same methylated ester which Proviron has, just a much more anabolic substance at the actual some other end from the ester.

Typically dosages vary depending upon the user’s objectives and even whether or not oral or possibly injected primobolan is being used. Dosages for Primobolan Depot injections have a tendency to become inside the 350-600mgs / full week while oral Primobolan would certainly have a suggested dose of 100-200mgs / day.

Just considering that gyno sides are often not an issue along with primobolan, which does not necessarily mean which hairloss isn’t furthermore an issue, in an effort to mitigate the actual hairloss possibility many primobolan users have a tendency to include Finasteride and even Ketoconazole in their Primobolan cycle.
With oral steroids nearly all sports athletes are often usually concerned along with liver destruction, however , since oral primobolan is not really 17-alpha alkylated liver harm is nowhere near as large of a concern as it happens to be with best others. This does not always mean it really is not the concern, it simply means you you’ll be able to go longer on the primobolan no more than cycle than you could at the Winstrol Depot cycle.

Around it’s oral version Primobolan is Methenolone Acetate. Oral Primobolan is one of the many few oral anabolic steroids which doesn’t possess issues together with liver toxicity. this is because of the simple fact which oral Primobolan is simply not 17-alkylated. It’s truly the same methylated ester which Proviron has, only a much much more anabolic substance upon the various other end from the ester.